Free Activities

There will be fun and exciting activities at the festival for attendees of all ages to enjoy!

*All activities are for fun and entertainment purposes only, no winners or prizes will be incorporated in these activities.


REAL Mr. Potato Head Decorating!

Children will be able to decorate real potatoes like 'Mr. Potato Head' with their favorite fruits and vegetables.



Potato Sack Races

Work out those legs and practice your hop because both will come in handy during potato sack racing throughout the day.


Hot Potato!

Enjoy a round of 'hot potato' with your favorite songs.



Potato Photos

Get your photo taken with you in specially designed potato-themed cut-outs. Don't forget to instagram! #LIPOTATOFEST



Play a game of cornhole with a partner to see who can reach 21 by getting the beanbag on the board or in the hole!




Touch the big wheels and see farming equipment up close!



Spoon Races

This one takes coordination! Try your best to balance a potato on a spoon and be the first to cross the line in a race.