Free Contests*

There is no cost to participate but contestants must fill out the entry form in advance and be ticketholders.

12:30PM – Amateur Potato Salad Contest

Think you have what it takes to be named the “Home of the Long Island Potato Festival’s Best Potato Salad?" Enter your potato salad in this year’s potato salad recipe contest! Recipes will be judged from 1-5 in four categories: PRESENTATION, CREATIVITY, USE OF POTATO, and OVERALL TASTE. Contestants must be 16+ to enter and must provide enough of their potato salad recipe for five judges to taste. All entries must be prepared in advance and brought to the event for judging. Dishes cannot be sampled to general attendees due to health code.



1:00PM – Mashed Potato Sculpting Contest

This is an open invitation to attendees of all ages to explore their creative side! All entries will be given cold mashed potatoes to sculpt into animals, buildings, cars, people - you name it!! No matter what your sculpture may be, it must be created out of mashed potatoes. Embellishments may be brought by the entrant to the festival contest for use, but no paint or coloring. There will be 3 categories for this contest, Adults (ages 18+), Teens (ages 13-17), and Children (ages 12 and under). Think you are the next Michelangelo? Enter today! The winning sculpture will be decided by festival attendees! Now is your chance to play with your food!


1:30 PM – Mr. Potato Head® Building Race

How well do you know the iconic Mr. Potato Head? Blindfolded contestants will have 3 minutes to compete head to head and see who can put together the famous spud the quickest. With an assortment of pieces spread out on the table in front of them, contestants will have to feel for the correct pieces and install them into the correct locations. The winner will be determined by the contestant with the shortest time and most pieces correctly in place. Persons of all ages are welcome to participate. There will be 3 categories for this contest, Adults (ages 18+), Teens (ages 13-17), and Children (ages 12 and under).


2:00PM – The Great Potato Peeling Race

For adults only, this potato peeling contest is sure to be a hit. Even with all of those fancy machines out there, sometimes the best way to peel a potato is the old-fashioned way, with your own two hands. Contestants will use potato peelers provided the Long Island Potato Festival to peel away their potatoes. Whoever has the most pounds of potatoes peeled at the end of five minutes wins! Must be 18 years of age or older to enter this contest. This is a TEAM race although an individual prize will be awarded.


3:00PM – Mashed Potato Eating Contest

The Long Island Potato Festival will be hosting a mashed potato eating contest that is open to attendees of all ages! The contest will have three categories, Adults (ages 16+), Youth (ages 10-15), and Children (ages 9 and under). The person to finish their bowl of mashed potatoes in the quickest time will be the winner in each category! In the event the mashed potatoes cannot be finished, the contestant with the least amount of mashed potatoes left is the winner. “Children” and “youth” will be given 1lb. of mashed potatoes. “Adults” will be given 2lbs. of mashed potatoes.

Previous Winners:


Best Potato Salad
• 2016, Amateur - Allie Bloom (Golden Girl Classic Potato Salad)
• 2015, Amateur - Patricia Noren (Sweet Potato Salad)
• 2014, Amateur - Loretta Garland (Moma Molloy's Red Bliss Potato Salad)
• 2014, Professional - The Crazy Fork (Stuffed Potato Salad)

Mashed Potato Sculpting Contest
• 2016, Child - George (Dog)
• 2016, Youth - Maxwell Santiago (Duck)
• 2016, Adult - Neil Folk (Dragon)
• 2015, Child - Josiah Peters (Car)
• 2015, Youth - Valentina Leone (Sun)
• 2015, Adult - Christina Klein (Cat)
• 2014, Child - Carly Shurbet (Sunflower)
• 2014, Youth - Sarah Tsang (Puppy)
• 2014, Adult - Alexandra Palermo (Rose)



Mashed Potato Eating Contest
• 2016, Child - April Warner (4 min, 34 sec)
• 2016, Youth - Anthony Hoffman (2 min, 14 sec)
• 2016, Adult - Matthew Schiller (6 min, 33 sec)
• 2015, Child - Anthony Hoffman (2 min, 58 sec)
• 2015, Youth - Graham Whitbread (3 min, 5 sec)
• 2015, Adult - Patrick Taylor (2 min 20 sec)
• 2014, Child - Anthony Hoffman (2 min, 46 sec)
• 2014, Youth - Thomas Callahan (1 min, 30 sec)
• 2014, Adult - Matthew Galli (2 min, 14 sec)


The Great Potato Peeling Race
• 2016, Team - Peeling in Public (15lbs 5.5oz)
• 2016, Individual - Charly Savnik (7lbs 5.5oz)
• 2015, Team - Peeling in Public (16lbs 4oz)
• 2015, Individual - Charly Savnik (5lbs 8oz)
• 2014, Team - Peeling in Public (16.31lbs)
• 2014, Individual - Charly Savnik (6.11lbs)


Potato Head Building Race
• 2016, Child - George (1 min, 52 secs)
• 2016, Youth - Lindsay Freeman (1 min, 56 sec)
• 2016, Adult - Amanda Winkler (2 min, 10 sec)